Thursday, October 24, 2013

The production process has blown my mind

The production is amazingly long and complex. No person is without a job and no job is without a person. Between the point when the script is ready to go and the telenovela premieres on television, there are many things that have to happen. It’s all on the pauta, which tells everyone where they need to be and when. The thing that astonishes me the very most is the fact that there are so many people in so many positions that it opens the door to unlimited possibilities of problems. Even though minor problems do arise, the telenovela world is one of the most adaptable people groups that I’ve ever seen. The way they see a problem and jump over it is magnificently coordinated by quick judgment and award-winning minds. I can’t even seem to plan my morning routine in an efficient manner let alone plan an entire telenovela that is most likely going to be viewed internationally by millions of people.

I really enjoy learning about the wonderful world of telenovelas because it’s a very influential medium of media in the world today. Because of this, a lot of pressure rests on the shoulders of the production of the telenovela. The production stage is responsible for making the telenovela look good on camera so that the audience falls into a fictional trance during the show.

I love Dr. A’s stories of her personal encounters in the telenovela world when she was researching because she tells the story from the “inside” instead of someone who heard about it somewhere. Dr. A has told us of some great stories in her travels and her little videos on her little flip phone are so funny, because I understand having to do what you can with what you have.

All the hype that they put around the premiere of the first episode was expertly expressed in Dr. A’s story of the party she attended for the beginning of a telenovela. She and Leonardo Padrón shared a spot in which to observe, him to see how everyone reacts to his script and her for her research! How exciting.


  1. I've really enjoyed Dr. A's behind-the-scenes stories too! It's so cool to be able to learn about what actually goes on before we see what shows up on the screen. And I agree- the production team that works so hard to make sure the telenovela comes out correctly is awesome. I can't imagine working under such stressful conditions, but their ability to not only adapt, but to still make a quality product is so cool. Learning about production has definitely been one of my favorite topics this semester.

  2. I've loved learning about the production process too! It's really cool because this semester, I agreed to help my friends make a short film for one of their classes, and I got to experience the stress of the production process first-hand on a MUCH smaller scale. Even being an actor in that film and seeing that something as simple as having enough outlets to turn all the production lights on shouldn't be taken for granted gave me such profound respect for filmmakers and actors combined. Filming is a tedious process: yes, for the actor, but especially for the production team because they have to pay attention to so many details.
    It was such a cool experience taking this class and helping with this film at the same time because it helped me understand even more deeply the ridiculous amount of work it takes to make a telenovela.