Friday, October 25, 2013

Telenovela Production- Complex Process

As I have been watching Santa Diabla, I see it in a completely different light now that we have learned about the complex process of production. Whenever the clothing becomes skimpy- I can't help but think about how cold the actors and actresses must be.  
I wish I knew more about production in general so that I could make the comparison between the production process of telenovelas and, for example, the production of a movie.  There are so many different components to the production of a telenovela, I wonder if it could all work smoothly lacking on of the components.  For example, the sometimes 'overlooked' parts of telenovela production such as the assistants etc were to slack of for the time being- would the process still flow? 

Aside from some of my questions- one of the most interesting points in learning about production was the addition of music.  If we really think about it- without music, not just in telenovelas, would make any type of show or movie completely different.  The type of music can really make or break a scene.  This is another concept that really catches my attention now, every time that I watch Santa Diabla. It was also so interesting to me to see actual camera footage captured by Dr. A of an actual production of a telenovela. To see it behind the scenes- and then on the actual television show was mind blowing. The different types of cameras play a huge role in this. From behind the scenes we see the the production from one angle- but with the addition of the cameras adds a completely different viewpoint. This viewpoint is very beneficial for viewers because it allows us to be up close and personal with the characters. If we were viewing this from, for example, where Dr. A was in the studio- telenovelas would have a completely different effect of viewers. 

I feel like the production part of this course is one of the most important processes to learn about when studying telenovelas.  It really allows for appreciation of everyone behind the scenes in the making of these captivating shows. 

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