Thursday, October 24, 2013

La Musica de Pablo Escobar

For those of you who aren’t business majors, return of investment means how efficient a business operates. Simply put, what is the benefit of the investment, based on the cost? Well in Escobar’s case, the return on his cocaine business was at some points 20,000%. For most businesses, they are lucky if they can achieve about 80% ROI. However, return of investment does not account for risk when you are a drug smuggler. Escobar’s dangerous life finally caught up in 1993 when he was shot and killed.

My novella is not a romantic story; it is filled with action and stress. Therefore, since my last blog post covered part of the production of the show, I wanted to focus on the quality of the entrada and the incidental music. As we discussed in class, music is essential to setting the tone. In the case of Patron del Mal, I think the entrada does a great job in opening Colombia’s feelings towards Escobar while introducing the characters.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, listen here for the ENTRADA:

My Best Translation Attempt in English:
"Then came earthquakes, corrupt and mafia men. At first, no longer fearful of deals money turned my brothers into hit men
It killed people, but not our souls. My country does not fall, trip or slip. She stands up and wipes her face.
Telling this story
my country does not fall, a thousand times, trip or slip.
Do not erase these events from your mind. Stand up for our dead.
She wipes her face after falling.
Never again!
Do not delete it from your mind to honor our dead who fell foully."

When I first watched the show, I did not understand the meaning of the song in Spanish but its gangster/rap feel made it appropriate to introduce the characters and set the tone of the novella. However, after reflecting on the lyrics of the entrada, there is even more meaning. Although I was not personally affected by the political and social consequences brought on by Pablo Escobar, I can imagine the sentiments felt by Colombians everywhere (Dr. A even said her Columbian friends who live in the States got emotional when discussing the show). When reading over the lyrics, it sounds like they could even be part of a ballad that was written to remember loved ones who have died. But after researching the song’s origins, this song was crafted especially for the show.

The lyrics demonstrate that Colombians feel it is important to remember exactly what happened so that it will never happen again. It is important to never forget to honor those who died unjustly. Like an “earthquake”, Escobar’s reign was quick and forcefully destructive. While he was sometimes viewed as a “Robin Hood” figure, his influence on the global drug trade permeated all over the world. Today Columbia is still feeling the effects of his power. He is world renown for his cocaine business and therefore Colombia has a reputation for drugs and corruption (at least in the United States). 


  1. I also watched "Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal" this semester (which I absolutely loved!), and I think one of the reasons I originally chose this telenovela to study was due to its captivating entrada. When we covered "narconovelas", Dr. A played a trailer in class that featured the music from the entrada, and I was immediately drawn to the catchy song. Not only does the style of the song match with the actual content of the telenovela, but also the lyrics of the song speak directly to the audience, and more specifically to the people of Colombia.

    I wrote a paper about Colombian telenovelas for another Spanish class I am taking this semester, and in the paper I wrote about the lyrics of this particular entrada. Deciding to make a telenovela about such a horrific part of Colombia's history was extremely controversial in Colombia and in all of Latin America. The goal of the telenovela was not to glorify drug trafficking, but it was to tell the true story of this infamous man and to ensure this part of Colombia's history would never repeat itself.

    I think the lyrics "nunca más" (never again) that are yelled during the song clearly demonstrate this idea. I think it is very interesting and fitting that this song was created specifically for this telenovela. Clearly the writers wanted their audience to know their true purpose for creating this telenovela. I also love your point that the lyrics honor those who were lost during this tragic time in Colombia's history. Although he will never be forgotten, there is much we can learn from the life of Pablo Escobar.

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    I've been looking all over the internet to find all the songs but only the theme song plus maybe 2 other songs i can find.

    My question is if ALL the songs from this telenovela are available for download
    and if so could you please help me find all of the songs from "El Patron Del Mal"?

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