Thursday, October 24, 2013

Talented actors

After we studied and learned about telenovela production, I've realized that I do not give actors enough credit. After I watch a film or a television show, I usually have just a few either positive or negative things to say about the performance of the actors. However, I never really take a second to think about how much work and effort went into every single scene. The production of a telenovela is extremely tedious. Because an episode is shown literally every night, you can just imagine how much work that is. However, I want this blog post to focus on the actors contribution to the production.
I recently read in an article how the competition between the channels Univision/Televisa and Telemundo is continuing to rise. These three channels are producing around 750-780 hours of programming per year. This means that they are completing around three episodes a day. This means that actors are most likely pulled back and forth between these channels. Especially if they are really successful and talented. Actors are often forced to sign long-term contracts to ensure that they stay faithful to the novela they are currently in. Considering there is usually around 120-160 episodes, they have to commit themselves for a sufficient amount of time.
Like Alex posted, I was also shocked at the fact that these actors are filmed in complete silence. No music in the background or anything. This can get awkward when they are filming love scenes. You have to be a pretty good actor with a lot of confidence to be able to do some of the things these actors have to do. The fact that they sometimes have to read a sentence on the script and quickly memorize and recite it is incredible. You can't be slow or dumb. You have to always be on your toes. I really admire these actors. I now watch something and think about how much time, effort, and skill it takes to complete a successful show/movie.

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