Thursday, October 10, 2013

Money doesn't buy happiness, so I learned to cry.

I love this class. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson on music that we had. I never thought music had such a big impact on the telenovela or that the music was very sensitive in the way it's done. If the music isn't in sync with what happens in the televonela, the audience will be so confused. For instance, if there is sad music and one character is happy, it doesn't work right.

In my telenovela, I've definitelty noticed the different "incidental" music that provides the audience with a more "real" experience. I've even learned the theme song "Aprend√≠ a Llorar (I learned to cry)" becuase it's played at the very begining of every entrada. 

I really enjoyed the lecture today about regulation, I had no idea the government was just digging their own grave when they were giving telenovelas some media restrictions. During the media restrictions, telenovelas lost their color, flavor, spice, individuality, originality, and most importantly, the ratings and viewers it had worked so hard to gain over the years.

We also learned about.....
.....what? I wasn't going to say anything about......Look, I did it again. Maybe I won't even just kidding!

Great class so far. Feel free to let me know how y'alls telenovelas are going and we'll meet up one day and discuss them or whatever. Peace.

-Brandon S. Chambers

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  1. Brandon, I also was super interested in the lecture on regulation. It is really ironic how government approval rating dropped because of censorship; and even today they are still shooting themselves in the feet by not providing decent television. I was really surprised to find out how wrapped up in television everybody is. It's very different from our own society; I honestly couldn't imagine government approval being so tied up in public television.