Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What people will do for loveee!

When we talk about the "love" aspect of telenovelas, I keep thinking about how the majority of movies and television shows have this type of love in them one way or another. However, as I continue to watch La Reina del Sur, I can honestly say I have never watched a love story unfold like this one.

Teresa Mandosa and Santiago Fisterra make up the sexiest couple I probably have ever encountered. Sexy is such an appropriate word to describe them. Both "bad" and rebellious, this couple radiates heat. Their passion for each other is wild and they want nothing more than to make the other one happy.
From the start, Santiago wanted Teresa as his and was willing to do anything to have her. For example, he got her out of jail before he really even knew her and pursued her after she completely turned him down. Now they are together and are teaming up to be the richest and most powerful couple ever in the drug cartel.

Teresa knew that Santiago wanted to stay in the drug cartel business even though it is extremely dangerous and illegal. He told her his dreams of living "big" with a nice house, a big family, and lots of other luxuries. I was surprised when Teresa told Santiago that she was willing to help him fulfill his dream. I was shocked considering Teresa lost her first love because of the business. Nonetheless, she knew how to get Santiago the opportunity he wanted. She knew that the only way was to get even closer to the Colonel, even though that meant having to sleep with him. Teresa was willing to do this for Santiago, however, because she is so in love with him and wants him to be happy. Although Santiago was furious of Teresa's action, he was very happy to finally get the job he really wanted.

I am so excited to see how this "dream couple" make their way through life as criminals. It's weird how I can be so supportive of this couple when they are doing something so illegal. Honestly, I hope it works out for them and I hope they don't get caught or even worse, killed.

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