Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti ft. Christina Aguilera

Before we began talking about music in class on Tuesday, I had never really thought that much about the background music in my telenovela, La Tempestad. I realized that it was there, and, of course, I could pretty much sing every word of the theme song. I never stopped to think about the song in relation to the show, however. I simply thought of it as a nice background to the dramatic scenes of Marina and Capitan Fabre kissing under a waterfall in a cave. After class, I started researching the theme song of my telenovela. I was shocked to discover that Christina Aguilera was one of the singers on the song! My worlds are colliding. I had every single Christina Aguilera CD when I was growing up, and listened to most of them on my walkman.

I'm sure we all remember this little number:
So now I realize that one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite Disney movies is sung by the same person that sings the theme song of the telenovela I am studying for this course 15 years later.

Aside from that shocking discovery, I also had some initial thoughts about the theme song in relation to my telenovela. The structure of the song is very similar to the structure of La Tempestad. At first, Alejandro Fernandez sings a solo. Then, Christina Aguilera sings a  solo. Finally, the two join together and sing a duet. This is a lot like the beginning of La Tempestad, when Marina and Damian Fabre are in denial about their love for each other. They do not get together until many episodes later. The song reflects the building of anticipation and emotion both in the characters and in the audience as they wait for the two protagonists to finally get together. It is frustrating to be patient for so long, but the song reminds us that it will happen eventually.

It is also worth noting that the male and the female singers have equal focus in the song. They both have powerful voices, and both are huge celebrities. This also reflects the way the telenovela treats its male and female protagonists. Both Marina and Capitan Fabre are strong, powerful characters. They both have respect for one another and are respected by many in the community they live in. One of the things I like most about this telenovela is that it makes a point to show that women and men are equals both in the workplace and in a relationship. "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" accurately reflects this portrayal.

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  1. I could not agree more! Im watching La Tempestad right now and at first I had not taken much time to think about the music or consider the importance of the music in relation so the telenovela until our class. I felt the same way when finding out that Christina Aguilera sang in the song "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti"....SHOCKED! That definitely added a twist to my perception of the song and the telenovela. When I began researching the song I immediately looked at the lyrics and how they speak about a man desiring a woman even though she is leaving. I thought this was fascinating to play up the drama of Marina and Damian and the intensity of their love and the obstacles they face.
    Although while researching the song I looked into the words and the meaning behind them, I never once thought about the importance of the fact that the man begins the song, followed by the woman and then finally they sing together. They each have a solo of their own, showing their each intensity and ability to stand firm in their shoes. Both Damian and Marina have intense personalities that give them personal strength and passion throughout the entire telenovela. I think this is why they are so attracted to each other because they mesh and collide in a perfect sense of both words.
    Thanks for your reflection on the song! That's something so interesting that I hadn't thought of yet!