Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Are you counting the pounds and the number of days that you will still be a virigin?

I'm analyzing the novela Amor a Vida the 9pm novela on air by O Globo, watched by thousands all over Brazil and surprisingly by some of us in the States. I've picked up a few of the controversial topics in the novela, such as sexual orientation, sex, gender portrayal, and depiction of a "modern" Brazil. One becomes so invested in searching these that I never thought of Penelope's weight. On a lighter note, the story humorously depicts a chubby nurse who hasn't found love and is still a virgin. This doesn't only delve in to moral issues or sex, but into self-esteem issues, also. Brazil is known for samba, fiesta, and the beautiful amazon woman. Beauty ideals are already set high, but this criticism points out how novela perpetuates stereotypes. Once again, there is power in this medium.
But this watcher is hooked, will she actually stop watching Amor a Vida?
I doubt it.

 A Facebook Status Update entirely dedicated to Amor a Vida:
Status by a PH. D Brazilian student in the States
"I should be writing my thesis, but, instead, I am here, commenting about the novela Amor a Vida. To clarify,  the culprits are Fernanda and Bruno. The commentary is in light of how they are treating the character Perséfone. People, my entire life I have been chubby; as an infant I weighed 5 kilos. Because of this, adolescence was not easy, especially with the popularity of the song, "La vem a princesinha da ultragás" and jingles being much worse, yet I never had problems falling in love. I believe the approach is terrible. Everyone is extremely prejudice and to top it all off, the world on the 9pm novela is not real life. There are many more heavy people in the world rather than the streets of Amor a Vida. Further more, I'm astonished that nothing is being said in relation to this. Is it possible that I feel uncomfortable because, like Persefone, I am heavy? Today, Daniel's parents said that "they are not meant for each other." Since when do the numbers on a scale dictate when someone is made for another. If this were the case, Henrique and I, for example, couldn't never be together. It's sad that a novela- shadowing and bringing forth controversial topics- in reality is perpetuating idiot stereotypes. Beautiful people are those who care for their health. In light of this, I should stop watching the novela..."

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