Thursday, October 10, 2013

Music in Destilando Amor

I really enjoyed the music in Destilando Amor. This telenovela is a very traditional Mexican telenovela rosa, so I assumed I wouldn't connect with the music. And while traditional Mexican ranchera and mariachi music really isn't my thing, I really liked these genres in the context of Destilando Amor. Two of the themes I really liked were the telenovela theme in the entrada and a character theme that was created for the female protagonist, Gaviota.

Like Dr. A was explaining in class, they play the overall theme so often throughout Destilando Amor that I could sing it in my sleep. Every time there's a climatic moment or a love scene, the theme is played. It even has the big swelling chorus, perfect for the big moments between the protagonists. The title of the theme is, fittingly, "Destilando amor," and it's sung by Pepe Aguilar, a famous Mexican ranchera, mariachi, and pop singer/songwriter. The song and the singer both fit perfectly with the style of the telenovela.

The character theme for la Gaviota in Destilando Amor also fits perfectly with the style of the telenovela. Sung by the protagonist herself, actress Angélica Rivera, the song tells all about what ends up being the struggle the protagonist faces internally throughout the telenovela as she and Rodrigo, the male protagonist, try and find a way to be together. The title of the song is "Ay gaviota," and it fits perfectly with the character it's named after, who sings as she works as a rancher in the fields.
Also, sidenote for a cool fact I discovered- while researching Angélica Rivera, I realized that she's the newest First Lady of Mexico! Crazy.

All in all, I've found that while I might not have voluntarily listened to these types of songs and music on my own, I've really enjoyed them. That seems to be a trend with telenovelas; I never thought I'd like them as much as I'm beginning to.
It's been really interesting to see the amount of production it really takes to make a telenovela what it is, and looking further into the music behind it makes me appreciate all of the details of telenovelas and their production even more.

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