Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mi patria no cae

Not only was I two days late on this blog post, but I had absolutely no idea what to write about. We have had some really fascinating topics of discussion in class, like music and production. For example that love scene that Dr. A showed with and without music was crazy and incredibly awkward. I have gained a lot more respect for actors and their craft, especially good actors. I cannot help but always unconsciously comparing what I know now about telenovela productions to the American shows I watch everyday like “Scandal”, Breaking Bad” and (on all new tonight!) “The Walking Dead”. Especially with my own telenovela, Pablo Escobar, they are always on location somewhere and the music is both kind of corny and vital to each episode. Corny in that, even people just listening to the music know when something dramatic has happened.
            The entrada is always my favorite. For some reason on the website where I watch the series the entrada is not played every time and I am always a little sad when it does not show. I sing it in my house all the time; even my roommates now know some parts to it. I think it is, partially, has to do with how in love I am with the images the creators decided to use in it. For example, Pablo’s, what I call, “swagger walk” in the beginning is priceless. At first it is funny but when you see it episode after episode it embodies his self assurance and why you love this murderous, manipulative unconventional protagonist.
I have always been saddened that the entrada does not include Patricia (Pablo’s wife) or his mother because they are pretty vital to the show in how they depict his softer side. The entrada is supposed to show all of the important characters to the novela and I had always thought these two women were very essential. After the class where we talked about Escobar's entrada, however, and Dr. A explained it a bit more and translated it I think I know why they chose not to include Pablo’s relatives. The lyrics are Colombia discussing how how important these collective memories are so it does not happen again and so the country can remember the honorable people who fell. To include Regina, (Virginia in real life) the elegant newswoman, the country’s news anchor, who was influenced by Escobar so deeply is a reflection on the country. Because even today he is controversial in that many people still consider him a hero. Trying to find the translated version of the entrada I found about 6 other Spanish songs speaking of him fondly, as “godfather to the poor” for example. Pablo’s family is touched by him simply by being related to him so showing them would not have meant much.

            I also thought it was really interesting and beautiful that the entrada is not from the point of view of Escobar but from the state of Colombia, herself. Watching this show I have often thought that Colombia was always the ‘female protagonist’ since all of the leading men (Galan, Bonilla and Escobar, to name a few) want her and want, what they consider, the ‘best’ for her. Perhaps, Escobar El Patron Del Mal is a love story between honest politicians and their country, only in the finale will the antagonist (who in this theory would be Escobar) die and the country reunited with her true love, a stable government that is not ran or influenced by illegal damaging activities.  

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  1. Lauren, I really like the conclusion you came to here. It's a very poetic point of view, with Colombia as the female protagonist being reunited with the honest politicians as Escobar dies. I haven't started watching the telenovela yet, even though it is on the top of my list. I can't wait to start it because Escobar was such a controversial character in both Colombian and US history; so many people hate him but he is loved by so many. It seems like such a great task to deliver a telenovela to the people who have experienced many of these events first hand truthfully without seriously offending anyone and still making it a success, or at least watchable. I really can't wait to start it.