Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Labor of Love

I think what shocked me the most about telenovela production is the sheer amount of work that goes into each and every episode. From the writing and filming to the publicity events before broadcasting the first episode, I was blown away by how much time and dedication it takes to make a telenovela happen! The effort that the writers, directors, producers, cast, and crew all put in for a production that can be seen as a joke by some is actually anything but a joke. It also really surprises me how dedicated those involved in telenovela production are, considering the absolutely crazy hours that they work. Based on what they sacrifice for the telenovela, those involved in making the show a reality must not only be dedicated, but also in love with what they do. A lot of people can see telenovelas as cheesy and low quality, but after learning about this huge process, I've realized that telenovelas are actually really impressive.

Not only do I admire the drive of those involved in the production of telenovelas, but I also respect their ability to still have a life outside of work. My second cousin is actually on Santa Diabla right now (her name is Virna Flores and she plays Paula Delgado on the show), and after talking to her some, I've realized that what she does is amazing. Virna is married and has recently started a family, and somehow she still manages to have a life while filming for Santa Diabla. She's pretty great:

(The only videos I could find on YouTube of her actual acting on Santa Diabla involve her either slapping the protagonist or getting slapped, so I chose the former.)

Knowing that she, and everyone involved in the making of telenovelas, balance life and work just to produce a show that people will love is really awesome. Learning about production has just made me appreciate telenovelas even more.

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