Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the music doesn't end when the broadcast does

Learning about the music part of telenovelas has been so interesting. You don’t even realize when you’re watching, that the music has just a huge pull and effect on you as much as or even more so than the actual acting and plot. It can be used to foreshadow something, set a mood, put you on edge, make your heart flutter for a romantic scene, bring you to tears before the heartbreak even happens, or leave you yelling at the TV when the broadcast ends.

I love music; then again who doesn’t? My friends and I have always joked that we wish that music would just cue in the background of our lives. At times I’ve even convinced myself that certain events would have gone differently if there had been music playing. My love is country music so there have been plenty of times whether on a date, or when I’m crying, or it’s the start of summer… where I had thought, “Hmm… now would be such a great time for this certain song to start playing.” Music, even just instrumental, completely has the power to change moods, move people. We see such concrete examples of that in concerts, in movies, just with headphones in, and especially when watching a telenovelas becomes exhausting from the roller coaster of emotion and the pacing in front of the television.

I’m currently watching Corazon Salvaje, and not even 3 hours into watching it I had the dramatic music playing in my head. Just to get it stuck in your head as well, take a second to listen to it.
That musical piece has become one of the core essences of watching this telenovelas. It encompasses the dramatic heartbeat of the telenovelas, the betrayal, the passionate love, the war between characters, moments of desperation, and more. Funny story, the song is so stuck in my head, that one night my friends and I were at The Grill eating fries and drinking milkshakes. When we paid and left to head back to the parking deck I overheard a very distraught girl talking very loudly at what I assumed was her boyfriend. After being nosey and slowing my pace to better hear I gathered that she was very angry at him for something, and that they were clearly in a fight. As I walked past it wasn’t long until she came storming past me, bumping my arm as she walked past, and I could hear her boyfriend yell out for her to wait. Thanks to Corazon Salvaje, that song started playing in my head as I watched her storm off. It was at that moment I realized, one…I’m way too addicted to this telenovelas, and two…the music is a huge deal and stays with you.

I was curious to see if the music from the telenovelas was for sale, as in on CD’s/soundtracks just like movies. It was astonishing to see the number of CD’s on Amazon with the music from a single telenovela, all the way to CD’s that combined all the unforgettable tunes from the memorable telenovelas. Needless to say, the music is so important, whether it’s for the entrada, or just incidental music.   

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  1. I love your story about hearing the music in your head as you watched that couple fight, haha. It's so true though! I get in a total "La Reina Del Sur" mode in my head when I watch several episodes back to back, so I completely know the feeling.
    I think the music in telenovelas is just too catchy not to get stuck in your head. :)