Thursday, October 24, 2013

How It All Happens

                When we first started our journey learning about telenovelas, a lot of my questions were in regards to their production. It amazed me that these shows could be produced and aired every day of the week! I was impressed to learn that seasons aren't always completed before they air – I can’t even imagine the stress that the production crew must go through trying to get episodes completed in time for airing weekly.

                I really enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes footage that Dr. A was able to record and share with us in class. It was so interesting to be able to see a scene being filmed and then seeing how different it looks post-production when it’s aired on TV. It was interesting to see the scenes without any soundtrack or anything. It’s crazy how different a scene is before the music is added in – it really makes you realize how important it is to have the appropriate sounds and music added in.

                Learning about the music and soundtrack was probably my favorite part of learning about the production. The video we watched about all the different types of incidental music was really informative. It was so funny to listen to the music out of context with no telenovela scene to accompany it. It was also really interesting to learn about the different types of incidental music. I thought it was interesting that certain characters have their own music that gets played when they have a scene in the telenovela. Some of the things that we learned from this video are things that I definitely would not have realized without them being pointed out to me.

                I also really liked getting to hear a few different theme songs from different telenovelas. I hadn't previously known the story behind the theme to La Reina Del Sur, which is the show that I am studying, so it was neat to learn that in class and now I think about that every time I see the theme for my show. Some of the themes really got stuck in my head after class, which I guess is the point of having a catchy theme song!

                Another one of the most interesting things to me about production was learning about the different cameras and styles of filming that exist. The craziest thing to me was the sequence shot – the video that we saw in class of a sequence shot being filmed seemed so intense! I can’t imagine the stress of filming a shot where any error would require you to start over from the beginning. I’m also really glad that we got to see so much behind the scenes footage filmed by Dr. A of telenovelas being filmed. 

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