Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tongue or No Tongue? The Importance of Steamy Chemistry

     The Brazilian novela Amor à Vida's steamy moments center around the open relationship between Patrícia Mileto and Michel Gusmão. In an O Globo interview, the two actors Maria Cadevall and Caio Castro discuss the technicality of the chemistry between the two characters, the relationship, and the most critical aspect: the kissing. Actress Maria talks about the relationship of these characters. Patrícia doesn't want to be in a relationship because of the infidelity in her past marriage. In the beginning, she only seeks sex, but the chemistry is so unavoidable that it has everyone crawling back for more. In this interview, both actors must answer questions from social media users. 
     As you can notice in the link below, these raw scenes call for intensity and explicit acting. Both actors describe the kisses as technical due to the situation and the scenes. Caio was asked if they tongue kiss and he responds by saying yes because this is also a technique that is a part of his acting which is necessary because this relationship is very sexual. Although in most novelas this is unnecessary, it's critical to capture the sexual atmosphere in the room. One, however, can notice that this is a purely professional aspect of the relationship because in a Yahoo! Entretenimento interview, Caio says, " We talk about our technique, but nothing like, 'caramba our chemistry is incredible.' This would practically mean, 'let's get together,' almost an invite! We don't have to mention anything. She knows and I know."
     Toward the end of the interview, Maria contrasts her fashion sense and the character Patrícia. She describes her style as a simple one, yet admires Patrícia's wardrobe. Details such as fashion trends are just as important as kissing techniques in order to reflect each character's personality. Professional actors create chemistry because of amazing performances. Production enhances this with it's music, camera angles, and specific fashion styles, as well. 

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  1. I liked how you talked about the importance of chemistry and professionalism in the love/sexual scenes in a telenovela. By showcasing the interview of one of the actors, we were able to see the love scenes from the viewpoint of the actor. Although the audience may see these two people in very sexualized scenes with a lot of chemistry, at the end of the day it is simply their job. Whether they use tongue or not is not the main point to take out of this article. I liked how you made sure we understood that the actor's main goal is to entice the audience and make them believe that the relationship is real. Chemistry is everything, but it all ends once they get off the set. This was a very interesting article!