Thursday, October 31, 2013

El Capo Prodcution

Helicopters, bunkers, a golden statue of the Virgin Mary, no wonder El Capo is the most expensive telenovela produced in Colombian history. Written by Gustavo Bolívar and produced by FOXTelecolombia for the channel RCN, El Capo is one of the biggest series to come out of Colombia. It cost 18 billion Colombian pesos (10 million US dollars) to produce, has 3.6 million likes on its Facebook page and has fan pages I would call that a successful novela.

The production and staging is very close to cinema. The cameras and technology used to produce this novela are the latest used in the cinema world. El Capo has been filmed in many different locations such as: Bogotá, Medellin, Villeta, Nemocon, La Calera and Doradal. They even shot scenes at Pablo Escobar’s fort, Hacienda Nápoles in Puerto Triunfo. El Capo 2 goes to many more locations as well like Miami, Bogotá and Santa Marta.

RCN launched a second season of The Capo and Bolivar said it took more time writing every scene and every line of dialogue, and he wanted to go further and show the humanity of the characters. I have not seen any of the second season yet but I've read that it is even bigger than the first.

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