Thursday, October 10, 2013

Recent reflection on El Capo

After discussing music in class this week, I have realized how little I have paid attention to the music in El Capo. I am watching it online so I have never seen la entrada. I've searched online and the closest YouTube video I found "is not available in my country." Since I am not fully in the telenovela elite fan club, I did not know how to get around this. (Dr. A, show me your ways?)

The only prominent tune I hear is before and after the negros, when commercial breaks are supposed to interrupt and then after. Characters or subplots do not have their own songs but there are some suspenseful and sentimental tunes here and there.

I wrote about how I wasn't a huge fan of either women in my last blog but I've come to realize it is because I haven't seen many happy or romantic scenes between each relationship. As the flashbacks have come more often, I have began to see the good in them.

I think if I were watching it on my own I would have stopped already. Sticking to it because of this class has allowed me to see that it gets better. This telenovela was extremely successful seeing that it has another "season," El Capo 2, with a third in production. Momentum is picking up and I am hooked once again!

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