Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This class seems fun!

My LACS advisor was right! This class is awesome. The professor is funny, very knowledgeable, and can really relate to the students(no flattery intended). I think telenovelas are a good idea(and apparently so does most of the world). At first glance, my initial thought was that to make a class out of just telenovelas is difficult, but hearing from someone who has studied them for 15 years makes it sound so cool. I understand the difficulty in classifying telenovelas, but the attempts at classification that the professor made were very helpful. Also, I can't wait to talk to some very impotant people in the telenovela world. Im also nervous about my skills in Spanish, so for practice I found this joke online. Paciente: Doctor, doctor, me he roto el brazo en varios sitios. Doctor: Pues yo de usted no volvería a esos sitios.

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