Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Tu Cariño es un Castigo"

"Tu Cariño es un Castigo" by Walter Muñoz is the theme song for hasta que la plata nos separe, the telenovela I chose. After going on a binge watch of about 6 episodes in one day, I decided to look up the lyrics to the song. Here is a little background of the telenovela first though:  

The storyline is very interesting because there are two separate stories that end up colliding in the end of the first episode. On one side you have Alejandra, a successful businesswoman that is used to the good life. She is engaged to the world's most annoying man that only wants her for her money. On the other side is Rafael Mendez, a modest man that sells just about anything (lingerie, liquor, pens, batteries, etc.) to support his mom and little sister. He is actually hilarious and drives around an old yellow car that he calls "el tigre". Anyways, by the end of the first episode Alejandra and Rafael get in a car wreck on their drive back to the city and she gets seriously injured. She ends up in the hospital with severe injuries that don't allow her to go back to work for a while, However, it is really bad timing because  she's actually in serious financial debt that she is not willing to accept. They finally come up with an agreement and for Rafael to stay out of jail, he must somehow pay back $110,000,000 pesos (about $56,000US) in three years. Rafael has never even been close to earning this kind of money, and now he is responsible for earning it for someone who absolutely despises him (for now). 

I find it interesting that in a lot of telenovelas they pretty much explain how the story goes in the beginning of every episode while the theme song plays and the characters are introduced. The title of the theme song says a lot about the telenovela. "Your affection is a punishment" describes the relationship between Alejandra and Rafael in a nutshell. They are bound by an agreement and no matter how much they despise each other, they are extremely dependent on one another. This not a traditional love story by any means, Rafael and Alejandra are the epitome of a love/hate relationship. I just haven't gotten to the love part yet.... 

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  1. I wonder how the love part actually becomes inserted into this telenovela. The song, "Tu Cariño es un Castigo" is a sort of flamenco style song, which can be a very romantic genre. The song lyrics talk about how he misses the abuse and that she has become his obsession. Very dramatic, yet this I'm sure this song reflects the playful tone of the novela. It sets the stage of a very suddently dramatic, yet spontaneous plotline.