Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Picking a Novela and Thoughts on "El Capo"

            Picking a Telenovela was a hard decision for me. After growing up with a mom (and dad sometimes) watching different telenovelas over the years, I’ve decided I prefer novelas on the “de ruptura” side. I considered rewatching “Yo Soy, Betty La Fea” or “El Clon” again since I was so young when I initially watched them with my family. Those two are probably the most memorable telenovelas my parents have watched. I remember my mother taping “Betty La Fea” on the VCR for my father to watch later when he would get home (that is how obsessed we all were). I also remember endless phone conversations between my mother and her sisters about the latest episode of “El Clon.”

            I decided to watch one my dad recommended and that I had not seen before. “El Capo” is a fictional story about the richest, most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia, Pedro Pablo and his. So far I have watched a total of 7 episodes. The love triangle between Pedro Pablo, his wife Isabel Cristine, and a reporter, Marcella was the first typical novella conflict to arise. There’s no evil step-mother/ mother-in-law, but there is a father-in-law that is causing problems for Pedro Pablo. Pedro Pablo and his wife Isabel Cristine have two children, one of which is married to the son of the Minister of Defense of Colombia. His mission is to find Pedro Pablo in order to enhance his political career. This is definitely causing a problem for Julieta and Juan Carlos, the children of the most wanted man in Colombia. They are stuck between their love for their parents and protecting their secret identity.

            In the seven episodes I have watched, background stories of most of the characters have been shown through flashbacks. Pedro Pablo’s drug trafficking career is being retold through an interview done by Marcella in the bunker the love triangle and Pedro Pablo’s minions are hiding out in. I understand that the background story needs to be told, but the plot development, so far, has been a little slow. I have a feeling it will pick up once most of the background story has been told. Although it’s been a little slow I am extremely hooked. I have found myself yelling at my laptop screen (sometimes in even in Spanish… which rare for me) and struggling to pick a true side with love triangle. So far my heart goes out to Isabel Cristine since she is supposed to be the true love and is the sweet and good-hearted woman. Marcella is the mistress and I’m supposed to hate her, but I can’t help but admire the kind of career driven woman she represents.

I am excited to see what other internal conflicts arise as I watch more episodes throughout the semester.

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