Thursday, August 29, 2013

My first few weeks as a telenovela viewer

My experience with telenovelas before starting this course was very limited. I had only seen bits and pieces of various shows while flipping through channels. I knew what they were, I just had never taken the time to actually sit down and watch one. (Except for the “telenovelas” we watched in AP Spanish… but I don’t really count those.) After just a few weeks in class, I’m envious of the people who have been watching them their whole lives. Almost all of the clips that Dr. A shows in class make me want to sit down and watch the whole telenovela.

        Before beginning this course, I thought that telenovelas were just the Spanish counterpart of American Soap Operas. Every day I came home in high school, my mom would have soap operas on for background noise in the kitchen, and of course, I always got sucked in to the drama. I wrongly assumed that telenovelas were just the same as these mindless shows filled with drama and bad acting. Luckily, this course has already changed my perception of the matter.

        Telenovelas are much higher quality than soap operas, all around. The acting is much better, and the plots are way more believable (although still pretty wildly dramatic.) The sets and scenery are a lot better, too, which helps them feel less like soap operas and more like quality television. I also like that they are more realistic than soap operas. The story lines are crazy but they are things that could actually happen to someone in real life, as opposed to the story lines of soap operas which become so unrealistic at times it’s not even funny.

       In the US, people can sometimes get a bad rep from watching soap operas, and when you sit down and watch an episode or two, it’s easy to understand why. I like that telenovelas are completely different than that, and I love how enthusiastic viewers of telenovelas seem to be about their favorite shows.

       I’m excited to continue my journey in this course, and to continue watching La Reina Del Sur. After just two episodes, I am completely interested. It has so much more of a film-like quality than something you would see on an American soap opera. I now consider myself a telenovela viewer. 

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