Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Kept It "Nosotros"

During the last lecture at Dr. A's house, I got asked what it was like being the only man in the class. My response wasn't very thought out because I haven't ever thought about it before. After reading the other blog posts, I can confidently say that I, too, really enjoyed going to this class. I looked forward to this class every Tuesday and Thursday. Why? Becaue it was fun, Dr. A was always smiling, and it was very simple. It's a very modern thing and Dr. A was very excited about it. As far as being the only man, I would say that when everybody "oohh"ed and "aaahh"ed during various scenes, I didn't.  It's not that I'm a man and I'm supposed to be tough or whatever, it was just that I didn't feel the same way.

The evening after my sister came to my classes, she was telling our mom about all the classes. She was especially excited about this class and told my mom more about Hugo Chavez than my mom cared about.

I am extremely sad that this class is over because never again will my classes be as fun. I think this blog was a great idea also. It brought us closer as a class. I feel like we're a telenovela family now.

It was luck that I got into this class because it is only taught once every two years and this semester is the only time I could've taken it.

Personally I feel special because I single-handedly changed the class possessive pronoun from nosotras to nosotros just by being in the class. That's awesome. That's probably my most productive thing all year.

Thanks for a great class. I hope to see all of you and Dr. A around campus in the future.

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