Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Final Episodes

Reading through everyone's last posts I too want to say how great this class has been and how I have brought what I have learned and observed to my other classes and even when I watch films and shows that are not telenovelas. I wonder about the writer (or writers), how extensive was production, the music (who chose it, why, does anyone have their own song etc.), how awkward a scene must have been with no music and a ton of set workers watching. It is really amazing what this class has opened my eyes to and I will be forever grateful.

I wanted to write my last post on my thoughts of the final episode scenes we watched at Dr. A's house.  I liked that we started with the classic rosa ending of a wedding, that is what I remember from the finale of Betty La Fea when I watched it with my mom. But it was all the more romantic by showing them as older and still together, in love and happy reliving their wedding day. It was very sweet.

Leonardo's finales, on the other hand, were completely unexpected and wonderfully original! At first I thought they were strange, having a real audience there telling them the ending and sort of breaking the fourth wall and changing the type of medium completely for Cosita Rica. But then I thought the 'classic' endings of most of my favorite television series like "Friends", "Boy Meets World" etc it is usually just a string of old scenes to make the audience reminisce.  But with Leonardo's version  the audience, both in the theater and at home living vicariously through them , got real closer rather than reminisce. Which is almost better than reliving the show in the last episode. You want the last episode to have meaning!

 My roommates and I are going to watch Sin Tetas no Hay Paridiso next semester and after watching the finale I cannot wait to see how much sadder I get with actually knowing the character and the whole story.

This class has taught me that entertainment is all about pushing the boundaries, even with telenovelas rosas the best ones always seem to have a twist like Corazon Selvaje, because they are a reflection, frame, mirror and lens of society. Society is not stagnant and telenovelas reflect that, even through their cliches and formulas.

I will greatly miss this class and hope that we can all get together and watch a telenovela together sometime, or maybe together through social media. Figures crossed!

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