Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Plot Lines and Social Issues of Santa Diabla

While I remain intrigued by each and every episode of Santa Diabla, I cannot help but try and block out my logical state of mind. As I watch the episodes I find myself trying to connect all of the plots and how they interrelate with each other.  The plot lines in Santa Diabla differ in their complexity and social issues presented.  
The first plot line- which I would consider to be the main plot line (or love triangle) is between Santa(or Amanda) Humberto and Santiago.  It seems like this is the main story that is followed, and all of the other plots branch off of this one.  This story presents an issue of social class inequality.  It is revelant that Santa is from a lower class family and does live a lower class lifestyle. This lifestyle can be compared to the ritzy life style of the Cano family, a family of a well known law firm. 
The second plot line- represents a issue of racial equality and it's presence is the hispanic society.  The mother of Arturo is disturbed by the questionable (to her) relationship between Arturo and Mara.  I feel like this plot line is becoming a little too repetitive because we see the same thing every episode- Arturo and Mara getting 'caught' trying to hide to their relationship but nothing serious has happened yet.  The other characters are still questioning this relationship. 
The third plot line- this covers the issue of sex trafficking of immigrants.  Carlos is a corrupt police officer that runs a sex trafficking business.  
The fourth plot line- is an additional love triangle between Humberto and his past relationship with Lisette and their son, that no one knows about except Santiago now.  Also, we see that Lisette and Arturo may have a relationship in the works, but of course is nothing real because Arturo is in love with Mara. 
These are just a few of the subplots and love triangles present in Santa Diabla.  This telenovela is very entertaining and has really 'reeled' me in, but at the same time if you are a very logical person, I find myself trying to figure out all of the plots and how they are related. 

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