Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two women have Pedro Pablo’s heart. I kind of hate them both.


            El Capo’s love triangle is between Pedro Pablo, his wife, Isabel Cristina, and his mistress, Marcella. Isabel Cristina is from a small town, she’s naïve, and she’s crazy. Marcella is from the city, she’s intelligent and cunning, but she is basically the home wrecker.
            I want to root for Isabel Cristina because she has been in love with Pedro Pablo since they were teenagers and is the mother of their children, but she can just be so annoying. Granted, she did just find out that her husband has been having an affair, the government is trying to kill them and she’s worried about her children, but get a grip! Her emotions take over and are a risk to their survival. Marcela is quite the opposite. She is calm in the bunker but she is also the reason for Isabel Cristina’s madness.
            While the two women are in the bunker with Pedro Pablo and his entourage, they cannot stop creating drama. I recognize that drama is what novelas are about and people would not be hooked if it weren’t for the drama. It is just hard to watch when you don’t particularly love either parties.

            I am a little discouraged with this novela at the moment. I am still interested to see what will happen within the main plot, but I am not hooked with any of the characters yet. I enjoy the different dynamics of the characters but I’m not in love with any of the relationships or individual characters. The two characters that I do feel the slightest attachment to are the two children of Pedro Pablo and Isabel Cristina. I hope that as I continue watching I start to like at least one of the two.

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