Sunday, November 24, 2013

Plot Twists and Samurai Swords

Things are progressing quickly in Santa Diabla. Now, not only is Humberto a murderer, but there is an increased presence of the drug cartel in the story, Santiago found out the truth about Ines and Willy, Santa found out that her mother and Willy had an affair, and now, Santa has been put in jail for being framed for a murder.

Just a casual day in the life of a telenovela character.

Let’s start with Humberto, the murderer. It’s obvious that Chascas listened to the feedback from the viewers that the chemistry between Santa and Humberto was getting too intense and that they wanted her to be with him. He has now done his best to turn Humberto into the most dastardly villain possible and Santiago into a more action-packed and manly character. Humberto murdered Vicente, Ines and “policeman’s” father; with a Japanese Samurai sword. Then he put his head on a platter and framed Santa for doing it. Pair those evil doings with a lack of screen time of the two of them together, and you get a perfect recipe for destroying the audience’s hopes for the two of them together. Additionally, Santiago is now pretending to be a part of a drug cartel in order to help the police. He now hangs with a tough crowd, thereby making him look tougher, he wields a gun, and even gets to pretend-kill his policeman friend. Santiago is being set up perfectly to be loved. Pair it with his devilishly good looks,  ever-present smirk, and dedication to Santa, and boom. He’s right back in the good graces of the public.

Then there’s the love triangle and perfect means of escape from an unwanted relationship for Santiago. Turns out Ines is pregnant with Willy’s baby, and not Santiago’s. Now, Willy has cheated on Santa with too many people to count, Santa knows, and she and Santiago are both one step closer to being together. Who knows what Willy is going to do though. He obviously doesn’t love Ines because she begged him to get her pregnant, so now he is stuck with her even though he is still technically married to Santa, and Santa is technically married to Humberto. There is no telling how many legal proceedings are going to go down in the next several dozen episodes. All I have to say is Santa is going to need a good lawyer… preferably not Humberto.

And what do I even say about Begona and Willy? Willy even cheated on Santa with her mother. FINALLY this element of the telenovela snuck its way into the story. It’s weird, it’s gross, and it’s kind of delightful because it adds such a layer of grossness to the story. As if everything wasn't twisted enough, Chascas HAD to add an affair with the mother. My hope in the male race has been all but destroyed by this telenovela. If a man cheats on a woman as beautiful as Santa with multiple women- and even her MOTHER- is there any hope for the rest of us? Telenovelas are supposed to give hope, and in a way, this one does because it is set in such a beautiful place, but at the same time, as a girl, I can’t help but fear for the human race that men will cheat on beautiful, young women with their mothers. It’s unsettling and a little gross. But, it is fun, and I’m excited to see how that plotline progresses. I want to know if Willy is going to die or end up with one of the women who he cheated with.

This story has sucked me in completely. I will be watching this telenovela until the end. It’s too exciting to just quit!


  1. Wow, I loved this post. It is an honor to know that my work may interest someone. Thanks for this...

  2. This was such a perfect summary of what has happened recently on Santa Diabla. Well, I'm not watching it at the moment, but just reading it, I was completely drawn in and now I want to go start watching it!! We talk about Santiago a lot in class, and even though I haven't watched any of this telenovela, I knew enough about Santiago to know that something needed to be done to make the audience love him a little bit more, and root for him a little bit more.

    First of all, El Chascas did an amazing job;, it looks like, making Humberto a despised character in the past few episodes. Also, what a perfect plan to make Santiago a more lovable character. EVERY girl loves a bad boy. (I think it's in our DNA) So making Santiago a rougher and tougher bad boy makes him that much more sexy. Also, the fact that he isn't really bad, and is actually helping the police, puts a huge sweet heart inside that new bad boy body of his. THAT is a recipe for a man that the audience can't help but fall in love with and root for. So thanks for summarizing all of that because now I have to go watch it!

    I also think this is one of those beautiful things that sets telenovelas apart. Since they usually aren't completely written and finished, El Chascas had a chance to implement what he was hearing from viewers, and in turn catapulted his telenovela in an awesome direction. So awesome. Also, can we talk about how cool it is that El Chascas commented on this blog?! Telenovela royalty... that's a huge deal!!

  3. Um yes, Katherine! so jealous of you! Chascas commented on your post! yay!

  4. First, I can't believe Chascas commented on this! So cool.

    This entire post can represent some of the biggest things we've learned this semester.
    1. How over the top drama and telenovela cliches can make for excellent TV. Just reading this summary got me really interested in the telenovela.
    2. We learned a lot about telenovela consumption, and this shows how not only can the storyline affect consumption, but how consumption can affect the storyline! It's really cool how Chascas has listened to the fans' opinions and actually used them to change the storyline.
    3. And lastly the fact that Chascas is on our blog shows how awesome this class is.