Thursday, November 7, 2013

My love for telenovelas is growing

                The best (and worst) part of the consumption presentations in class is the fact that I now want to watch pretty much every telenovela that’s been presented… and I have yet to even finish my whole show! It’s crazy how watching just a few short scenes or hearing someone talk about the plot and their favorite parts of the show can get you pretty much hooked. I’ve decided that once I finish La Reina Del Sur, I want to start watching Santa Diabla and Pablo Escobar. Sounds like I’ve got a lot of plans for Winter Break! This just goes to show how catchy and addictive telenovelas can be.
                I thought it was really interesting to hear about the telenovelas that have been off-air for ten years or more that still have a huge fan-base and following. I can’t even imagine being that obsessed with a show twenty years after it aired, or a character even! I guess that is just the nature of a telenovela, however. It’s more than just a show to some people, and I think that has a lot to do with how captivating they are.
                Some of the screenshots from forums that presenters read to us were hilarious. I loved all of the fan-made pictures and scrapbooks from the Corazon Salvaje presentation – the dedication some fans have to a telenovela is just crazy. I mentioned in a previous post how surprised I was by the amount of content there is on forums for telenovelas, and my opinion has been further validated by the content from these presentations. I also really loved the fan made “glitter” video on youtube (maybe some people have a little too much time on their hands.)
                I’ve really enjoyed getting to Skype with a few of Dr. A’s industry connections, too. Skypeing with El Chascas was really interesting – especially hearing how he got started writing telenovelas! I thought the class asked really good questions about his experiences and I enjoyed hearing his answers. The way he explained the differences of writing for telenovelas in different countries was interesting, and makes you realize just how much people have to adapt across different cultures. Skyping with Marisa Roman today was awesome as well. I think she is such a talented actress, even if the only work I've seen of hers is clips that Dr. A has shown in class. It's so awesome to have these experiences in class! 

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  1. Lydia, I agree. I am really enjoying the Skype conversations, especially yesterday with Marisa. She definitely is uber-talented. I wish there was a way to watch just the twins' story from Cosita Rica. What impressed me the most in our conversation was how genuine she was. Her level of comfort with us was probably a byproduct of her friendship with Dr. A, but I really felt like she wanted to talk to us. I can't imagine an American TV actress being as generous with her time, and American TV actresses are not filming nearly as many hours on a daily basis. Another thing — Marisa obviously cares so much about her work, her country and her fans. She was not afraid to show emotion when talking about them. I tend to think of celebrities as disconnected from reality, but Marisa seemed very thoughtful and in tune with contemporary issues. I appreciated that. I'm sure not all telenovela actors/actresses are like Marisa, but I enjoyed seeing a side I didn't expect.