Thursday, November 7, 2013

Actors, writers, and Venezuelan chocolates

Man, this class just gets better and better every day! I really liked talking to El Chascas porque I like learning about the man behind the telenovela storyline. He had a “rags to riches” story just like most telenovela protagonists. Tambien me gusta la idea que El Chascas asked us what we don’t like to see in a telenovela. To me, having a say in what or how the writer writes for a telenovela would be a great honor because I know how stressful that job can be.

            Marisa Ramon was so great too. She rushed home from a day of shooting just to see our class. And, speaking as the only member of the male species, I can genuinely say Marisa is hot! I can see how so many people like her. She also did a really great job in her films. Well, she must have ‘cause she kept returning for more films. I feel kind of bad that I had to ditch class 5 minutes early during her Skype call. I was enjoying it so much.

Another great aspect of our recent class was our chocolates from Venezuela that are to-die-for. Thanks Dr. A for the chocolate! We should have a field trip to Caracas, Venezuela.

Because my consumption presentation focused a lot on Coraz√≥n Salvaje., I had to watch the abridged version of it. It wasn’t even the telenovela I pick when I first started. I picked Los Ricos Tambien Lloran. I will compare and contrast these telenovelas more in the final paper.


Brandon S. Chambers

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