Thursday, November 7, 2013

Presentations are awesome!

I really have enjoyed these presentations. First of all, I looked getting deep into the nitty gritty of La Reina del Sur's facebook pages. Not only did I discover that people are literally OBSESSED. They continue to be obsessed even if the telenovela isn't streaming or hasn't streamed in 10 years! My mind had mostly been on La Reina del Sur because it is currently the telenovela I am watching, but after hearing these presentations, I want to watch the others. The fact that Corozon Salvaje streamed in 1993 and people are still going crazy posting on their social media sites is absurd to me! Twenty years later and they still have things/opinions to say. Clearly this telenovela is one that everyone needs to watch. After I finish La Reina del Sur, which is premiering again on Nov 11 (7 days!), I think that is the next one I am going to watch. Telenovela rosas have me hooked!

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